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Nimisa Publishing House is a co-operation of enterprising writers who combined forces to let the public enjoy their fantastic stories.

 Uitgeverij Nimisa Gotham 01 550x340

Authors a.o.:
Mark van Dijk with “Gerechtigheid” that was rewarded an astonishing 9.5 out of 10 by the Stephen King fan club.
Rik Raven with a new cover of “Recht” which could only be described as elusively fascinating.
Atalanta Nèhmoura with the epic fantasy series “De kronieken van Ulriach de Waanzinnige”, and her crowdfunding-project: the illustrated limited edition of "De Erfwachter".
Marieke Frankema with her stunning and emotional stories that focus on spirituality and magic.
And Joost Uitdehaag with Fulia and now Fulia part two called the best book of spring 2016 by the flemish reviewer


Location: Boulevard of Dreams (no.3 on the Map)
Stand: P165