Authors Publisher Luiting-Sijthoff

Authors on Elfia Haarzuilens 2017 /
Publisher: Luitingh-Sijthoff

Location: Boulevard of Dreams
Standnumber: P171 / P172


Adrian Stone: Present on Sa 29th- and Su 30th April
An Janssens: Present on Sa 29th April
Jeroen van Unen: Present on Sa 29th- and Su 30th April
Jürgen Snoeren: Present on Sa 29th April
Martijn Adelmund: Present on Sa 29th April
Martijn Lindeboom: Present on Sa 29th April
Tisca Pescar: Present on Sa 29th April

Extra info / bovenstaande Auteurs:

Adrian Stone
Adrian Stone (1958) debuted in 2009 with the first book of the Devil trilogy: Prophet of the Devil. Thereafter Stone wrote Rune diptych, which is set in the same world. In 2016 appeared Claw, the first part of his highly anticipated new series Magycker. Adrian Stone is an economist and worked for long periods in the investment world.

An Janssens
The Flemish An Janssens (1983) in 2013 won her first story Drake Queen Luitingh Fantasy & Magic Tales Essay. Drake Wizard is the sequel to that story. An works as a business analyst in the IT: Besides her work she tours like the engine by foreign countries to get inspiration for new stories. In 2016 she published her first thriller with paranormal elements: Witch Farm.

Jeroen van Unen
Jeroen van Unen (1990) reading of childhood fantasy. When he learned that Christopher Paolini was 15 when he wrote Eragon, Jeroen decided to write. Since then he has worked on his four-part series The Night Owls. Jeroen writes mostly at night and only stops when the birds outside begin to whistle.

Jürgen Snoeren
Jürgen Snoeren (1972) studied literature at the University of Tilburg. He started in 1998 as an editor at J.M. Meulenhoff then was publisher Meulenhoff-M, Mynx and Meulenhoff Boekerij nonfiction fund. He worked with the biggest (Fantasy) authors in the world. In 2016 he made his debut with the fantasy novel itself Invocation, the first part of the diptych Demon Felswyck.

Martijn Adelmund
Martijn Adelmund (1977) studied Linguistics and Cultural Studies in Utrecht. published in 2014 his hand Waan Witch and Witch Child, along with Iris Compiet, for which she won both times a Hebban Award. Currently Adelmund acts as poet of Wageningen. In 2016 he published Max Havelaar with Zombies, a contemporary retelling of the classic Multatuli.

Martijn Lindeboom
Martijn Lindeboom (1971) is a writer and editor of the stories Horror Stories, lawyer and Taekwondo instructor. Linden tree is president of the Foundation to promote the fantastic genre and editor at Hebban Fantasy.

Tisa Pescar
Tisa Pescar (1967) has been writing since her childhood. She finds inspiration among other Eastern European folk tales and legends. In her book LGBT relationships play an important role. After the werewolf and werewolf vampire novels Alpha and Maire in 2015 appeared Daughter Toragh her first classic fantasy novel.