Press registration

Using the form below, you can apply for press accreditation for Elfia. After review of your application, you will receive your press pass by mail.

You can expect a response in the first week of April. If your application is not honored, you will be notified.

Elfia receives many requests for press accreditation every year, but we make a selection based on several criteria.
You have to meet at least one of the following criteria: 

  • You are a member of or a supplier for a renowned media company
  • You have proven reach (eg. website visitors, circulation, followers or subscribers)
  • You represent a niche affiliated with Elfia
  • You provide high-quality work

Please note the following:

  • You will receive a maximum of one press pass per person
  • Therefore, you can apply for a maximum of one press pass per application.
  • If you wish to receive press passes for more than one person, you will have to fill out multiple applications; you can apply for a press pass for someone else in the process
  • The press pass does not offer use of parking spaces, you will have to purchase a separate parking ticket
  • The press pass issued by Elfia is valid for one day of your choice
  • The press passes do not provide special access on the festival and you will not receive a wristband
  • We ask you to use a work mailadres during the application
  • We might contact you for further information following your application

For further questions and/or comments, please contact