Elfia Costume Parade HZ2017

Rules Costume Parade
Do you have a costume that you’ve been working on for months, years or maybe just weeks or days? Are your proud of your creation and would you like to show it off during Elfia? In that case: the costume parade is for you! In this competition, all costumes are judged by a knowledgable jury and there are prizes in different categories.

The categories are: 

-       Best craftsmanship
-       Best original design
-       Best cosplay
-       Best performance
-       Day winner & overall event winner

Besides those prices, there is also a ‘great promise prize’ which will be awarded to the person that deserves it; someone with a lot of potential, someone that placed second for one of the other prizes, someone that deserves it! More information about the categories and the prizes can be found on the website.

There are two options in registering for the Elfia Costume Parade, and both differ considerably, so pay attention!

You’re certain that your costume has to be in the spotlight during Elfia. Make sure that you have your place in the costume parade by using the pre-registration. Make sure that you stand out and compete for the Best Performance Prize by coming up with a great act!  
-       Your act has music, theatre, poetry, singing, dancing, play backing or attributes to support it and to make a story.
-       Your act lasts a maximum of one minute
-       After registration, you will e-mail your music to anneke@elfia.com. Also bring your music on a USB stick to be sure.
-       You want to show Elfia your creation and you are not afraid to be in the spotlight.
-       If you want to participate in Best Cosplay, send us an image of the original costume / character.
-       You’re 99% ensure of a place in the costume parade
-       You are at the registration point, at least 30 minutes, maximum 60 minutes before the start of the parade to confirm that you’re present and to get your contestant number.

On the spot registration
You’re great at buildings costumes and you are wearing one of your gems right now, but you don’t have an act.
-       You’re on stage for about 30 seconds to a minute
-       If you want to participate in Best Cosplay, send us an image of the original costume / character.
-       The first person to be there gets the spot. You’re guaranteed a place in the parade, since participants that use the pre-registration option are allowed to skip the line. There is a chance that all slots are filled with pre-registration participants, which means that there will no chance of registration at the event.
-       You can register till 12.30h at the information stand.
-       Registrations are open from 1 hour before the start of the costume parade at the parade stage. This is also the place where you’ll get your participation number.

How does this work?
-       You come to Elfia stage (main stage) where the parade will take place, 1 hour before the start of the parade.
-       Contestants gather here and get a sticker with their number
-       The sticker is to be placed between neck and hip
-       The contestants are taken to a backstage area where they will line up in order. The members of the theatre crew will provide them with further instructions.

For all contestants:
You’re not allowed to participate in the Elfia Costume Parade when:
-       Your act (costume/character) has won a prize in previous editions
-       Your costume has been worn be a king or queen of Elfia

This also goes for acts and/or costumes that only have minor alterations. When this happens, you’re banned from participating in the future.
-       Your group is larger than 6 people. If you want to participate with more than 6 people please send an e-mail to anneke@elfia.com to discuss the posibilities. 

-       When you’re announced as a winner, it is important that you are present to collect your prize. When you’re not present, you forfend your prize. The exception to this rule is the overall event winner, who will be announced on Sunday.
-       In case you win a price, please do not leave the backstage area before you talk to a member of the Theatre Crew.

Register here: https://tinyurl.com/jdmf3kr

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