List of exhibitors

route standnr location exhibitor/entert
Q 7 Medieval Field Asgaard Archery v.o.f.
Z 16 Medieval Road Jan Jankaj
Z 17 Medieval Road Wax Atelier
Z 18 Medieval Road Gabrielle eyecatcher alternative giftshop
Z 19 Medieval Road feniks & co /avothea
Z 20 Medieval Road Trade Mark Den Haag
T 41 Magic Grounds Attitude Holland
T 42 Magic Grounds Arrr Fantasy
T 43 Magic Grounds Arrr Fantasy
T 44 Magic Grounds Babashop
U 81 Medieval Road Wortel & Cruydt
U 82 Medieval Road Renee accessoires/swagup
U 83 Medieval Road Renee accessoires/swagup
U 84 Medieval Road Galaxyshop
U 85 Medieval Road PUURLEER.NL
U 86 Medieval Road The American Book Center
Y 95 Walhalla MorganaFantasyStore
Y 96 Walhalla Atelier Lazuli
Y 97 Walhalla Scorpion Kids
Y 98 Walhalla Mystical Forests
Y 99 Walhalla Atelier Franka van Lent
Y 100 Walhalla Syrhona Crystas
Y 101 Walhalla Silberhof
Y 102 Walhalla l.indian style
P 120A Boulevard of Dreams Qdose B.V./
P 120B Boulevard of Dreams Kabrio Entertainment / GamersNET
P 121 Boulevard of Dreams WJH van Gennip
P 122 Boulevard of Dreams WJH van Gennip
P 123 Boulevard of Dreams Dark Dragon Books
P 124 Boulevard of Dreams The Coloured House
P 125 Boulevard of Dreams The Coloured House
P 126 Boulevard of Dreams The A Factor Shop
P 127 Boulevard of Dreams Victorian Dreams
P 128 Boulevard of Dreams Wicked Wigs
P 129 Boulevard of Dreams Bab'sArtCreations
P 130 Boulevard of Dreams Gator merchandise
P 131 Boulevard of Dreams Gator merchandise
P 132 Boulevard of Dreams Zilverspoor
P 133 Boulevard of Dreams Zilverspoor
P 134 Boulevard of Dreams Magic Kingdom Ceramics
X 137 Styx Games-N-Stuff
X 138 Styx Games-N-Stuff
X 139 Styx The Black Ship
X 141 Styx bedazzled
X 142 Styx bedazzled
X 143 Styx Mytholon GmbH
X 144 Styx Mytholon GmbH
X 145 Styx Mytholon GmbH
X 146 Styx Black Planet
X 147 Styx Black Planet
V 161A Witches Circle Ploes
V 161B Witches Circle Antebellum
V 162 Witches Circle Larva - Victorian Steampunk
V 163 Witches Circle Maminjo Airbrush tattoos
V 164 Witches Circle Creative-Incense
V 165 Witches Circle atelier kaubisch
V 166 Witches Circle Srilaksmi
V 167 Witches Circle Illustratie & Design
V 168 Witches Circle magisch schuurtje
V 169 Witches Circle Jhulla Import
V 170 Witches Circle Hekstopia
V 171 Witches Circle Silverfantasy
V 172 Witches Circle elsiera
Z 176 Medieval Road IK Fashion
Z 177 Medieval Road JeraCraft Ricewriting
Z 178 Medieval Road The Queen Ring
Z 179 Medieval Road ypermanfantasypaints
Z 180 Medieval Road Shakti
Z 181 Medieval Road Alex Felle
Z 182 Medieval Road Pera Peris
Z 183 Medieval Road Buecherkunst
Z 184 Medieval Road Morrigan's
Z 185 Medieval Road Ocarinas - Arpad Takacs
Z 186 Medieval Road Hornschnitzerey
Z 187 Medieval Road R&L De Dansende Jak
Z 187B Medieval Road Mean Little Skulls
Z 188 Medieval Road Knight's-Corner
Z 189 Medieval Road Nomad Art GmbH
Z 190 Medieval Road Hannie's Hakhoning
Z 191 Medieval Road artisaen
Z 192 Medieval Road Little FAEries
Z 193 Medieval Road
Z 194 Medieval Road Edles Geschmeide
Z 195 Medieval Road KOVEX-ARS Ltd
Z 196 Medieval Road Ram Huidenhandel en artikelen, kunst
Z 196B Medieval Road Kurzwaren und Geschenkartikel Christiane Weniger
Z 197 Medieval Road Kunsthandwerk
Z 198 Medieval Road Elfe-company
Z 199 Medieval Road PAPAGAIO
Z 201 Medieval Road Eternal-designs
Z 202 Medieval Road Unlicht GmbH
Z 202B Medieval Road drachenheim / drakkar foods
T 212 Magic Grounds NoxAurum
T 213 Magic Grounds De Poppenkraal
T 214 Magic Grounds Lychee Tea
T 215 Magic Grounds DROOMFONTEIN
Y 216 Walhalla Fabion
Y 217 Walhalla Fabion
Y 218 Walhalla Stichting Opkikker
Y 219 Walhalla Facepaint in Progress
Y 220 Walhalla colorfulmystery
Y 221 Walhalla T-Style Jewelry
Y 222 Walhalla Boekhandel Het Verboden Rijk Oosterhout
Y 223 Walhalla Boekhandel Het Verboden Rijk Oosterhout
R 226 Medieval Road/Chapel Godin in jezelf
R 227 Medieval Road/Chapel Trollfelsen
R 229 Medieval Road/Chapel ruet
R 230 Medieval Road/Chapel V.O.F. Painted Cave
R 231 Medieval Road/Chapel mate amargo joyeria
U 238 Medieval Road Massagepraktijk Rumah Senagn
U 239 Medieval Road Looks Like Vintage
U 240 Medieval Road Wyverns Keep
U 242 Medieval Road Celtic World
U 244 Medieval Road Loeros
U 245 Medieval Road Black Oak Smederij
`P 255 Chatelet Lane NImisa Publishing House U.A.
P 254 Chatelet Lane A&B DRagonarth
P 253 Chatelet Lane Fantasy En'Counter
P 252 Chatelet Lane Fantasyatelier
P 251 Chatelet Lane TransIT
P 250 Chatelet Lane Keep In Mind
P 249 Chatelet Lane Uitgeverij Macc
P 248 Chatelet Lane uitgeverij Luitingh-Sijthoff
P 247 Chatelet Lane uitgeverij Luitingh-Sijthoff
W 271 Fantasy Evenue otaku shoppu
W 272 Fantasy Evenue Alskaer / Fantasy Fournituren
W 273 Fantasy Avenue Stichting DierenLot
W 274 Fantasy Avenue lazell historic
W 275 Fantasy Avenue EarCatchers
W 276 Fantasy Avenue Fairyland
W 277 Fantasy Avenue Black Silver
W 278 Fantasy Avenue Productions associées asbl SMart
W 279 Fantasy Avenue DragonsDenZwolle
W 280 Fantasy Avenue The SciFi Library
W 281 Fantasy Avenue EZCooldown
W 282 Fantasy Avenue Mineralz
W 283 Fantasy Avenue Samsara
W 284 Fantasy Avenue Celtic Treasure
W 285 Fantasy Avenue English Pottery & Giftware
W 286 Fantasy Avenue English Pottery & Giftware
W 287 Fantasy Avenue Steampunk Heaven
W 288 Fantasy Avenue Steampunk Heaven
W 289 Fantasy Avenue TROLLART
W 290 Fantasy Evenue Dino Jewellery